My one disappointment in Ubuntu Edge

Ubuntu Edge (should it succeed) will be a breakthrough in the mobile arena, being a dual OS, extremely (think desktop) powerful, hardy and very attractive phone.

Bear with me, this is a bit personal.

However, for most people, those who did not, or cannot (like me) donate, it will be nothing more than an exciting thing to look at on the internet. Why? Well, Ubuntu Edge is a limited edition product. Unlike what I was hoping, Canonical is *not* getting into the hardware business. This is a big let down for me personally, because yet again, something unattainable, transient… elite… is slipping through my fingers.
I can’t help but feel that this is the sentiment of thousands (or more?) Ubuntu community members around the globe, who just don’t have the means to contribute to this campaign as yet.
Some day, I hope to be able to (and will be able to) purchase something of this level of class, but until then, it sucks not being among the “elite”.

Not being able to contribute is not just a matter of not having the money, but also about being in a country where something as simple as getting a Paypal account is not trivial.